In Florida Senez is skylights

Flattering, cost-free natural light

Low-profile SkyFlex Skylights®

The SkyFlex Skylights® is a best of both worlds product. It combines the advantages of tubular systems such as easy installation, more even lighting, fade resistance and energy efficiency, with the beauty, appearance, quality and time proven reliability of a traditional skylight.

Years of experience in skylight installation, design, quality assurance and customer feedback have gone into the SkyFlex Skylights®.

If you like the idea of tubular skylights for the dark areas of your home but you are put off by the look of a tall plastic dome on the outside of your roof, then SkyFlex Skylights® is the right product for you.

The sleek, low profile, impact glass lens is not only beautiful but superior in quality. Consider impact glass over a polycarbonate (plastic) bubble that yellows and gets hazy over time, plus the attractive benefit of a low profile skylight instead of a 10” to 12” high dome protruding up off of your roof. Better yet, SkyFlex Skylights® incorporates a heavy aluminum frame instead of a thin stamped frame, like some other brands use, or a one piece plastic frame and flashing.

Whatever your reason is for wanting the best quality and appearance for your home, the answer is SkyFlex Skylights®.

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  • Be enlightened with natural light.
  • Read a book without turning on lights.
  • Enjoy your breakfast bar with the help of the sun.
  • Lighting your living area with skylights is a brilliant idea!
  • Entice your family to be together in a brighter family room.
  • Convenience in your kitchen means not turning on the lights.
  • Navigate your hallway without turning on lights.
  • Liven up your living area with flattering natural light.
  • Save power costs with a brighter kitchen.

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