In Florida Senez is metal roofing!

Quality metal roofs by Gulf Coast

Senez uses high-quality, durable, attractive Gulf Coast metal roofing systems. Gulf Coast roofs are available in a wide range of exciting colors. The color of a Gulf Coast roof is a factory-applied layer of Kynar500, a fade-resistant, mildew-resistant, PVDF resin-based finish.

Kynar500 factory-applied paint offers:
  • Ultraviolet protection so colors stay vibrant and resist fading
  • Mildew resistance so the finish looks clean and bright
  • Weather resistance
  • Kynar500 is flexible giving it greater durability and resistance to damage
Kynar500 formulated to last for decades

Florida’s climate is more demanding on paint coatings and metals than any other state in our country. Humidity, salt and ultraviolet from the sun are murder on most finishes. Most metal roofs fade in 3-4 years, reducing the beauty and resale value of your building. Kynar500 is formulated to last for decades!

Salt-resistant OceanGuard for coastal buildings

Are you located on the coast? Gulf Coast’s OceanGuard is designed to withstand the onslaught of salt, humidity and strong winds found in coastal areas. How durable is OceanGuard? The manufacturer offers a 25 year salt water warranty!

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