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    7 Tips to maintain your asphalt shingle roof

    October 19, 2018

October 19, 2018

7 Tips to maintain your asphalt shingle roof

Your roof protects everything else!

Maintain your asphalt shingles to avoid a leaky roof

Your roof is one of the most critically important structures in your home. A damaged or poorly-maintained roof can permit water seepage and lead to expensive damage to the structure of your house.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Fortunately you can spend less than an hour – a few times a year – to assure that your roof is in in tip-top condition.

7 roof maintenance tips

  • Clean any debris, leaves, branches, moss and algae from your roof. If allowed to remain, this type of debris can soak up water and stay wet. Wet debris can eventually damage shingles underneath. Also, your roof is designed to channel water away and excess debris can inhibit this process. Make sure to check for debris on a regular basis.
  • Check your flashings for corrosion or damage. Problems with your flashing can allow water to rot the wood underneath. Also check for any mold or mildew and remove it.
  • Check your downspouts and gutters for debris or blockage. Blockage can cause water to back up and can damage your gutters.
  • Check any caulking or sealants around your roof for cracking or peeling. Old caulking and sealants should be replaced before water seepage has a chance to do serious damage to your home.
  • Look for loose or broken shingles. Fallen tree branches and other debris can damage shingles and allow water seepage. Make sure to have loose or damaged shingles replaced as quickly as possible.
  • Check the efficiency of your attic ventilation and insulation. Poor attic circulation can encourage mold and mildew along with structural damage.
  • Check for tree branches that touch your roof or could brush against your roof when the wind blows. These branches can do major damage to asphalt shingles, especially during windy weather.

How often?

Make sure to inspect your roof at least quarterly. Also, carefully check your roof for damage after any storm with heavy winds.

When to get help

If you find damage or you are unsure about anything you find, make sure to call a roofing professional. Remember, roof damage that isn’t repaired can quickly lead to expensive structural damage to your home.

Call Senez if you need help

Ed Senez Roofing is always happy to answer your questions about roof maintenance. Do you need a roof inspection or repairs for your damaged roof? Ed Senez Roofing professionals are always happy to help you.


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